Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lights on -- Somebody IS home

I am so excited!!!!! My new blog friend, Road Dog, explained to me about adding those gadget thingies and after 97 tries the spare brain cell kicked in and i finally got it!!!!! I am so excited!

So my first gadget is the Click Every Day to donate food to help shelter pets.  I cannot wait to add more stuff!!!!  Thank you Road Dog blogger buddy -- you ARE awesome!!!


  1. You're more than welcome. Glad we could help! The new gadgets looks AWESOME!

    The Road Dogs

  2. Thank you so much Road Dog -- i could not have done it without you!!! I still want to link to facebook but haven't figured that out yet -- i am just THRILLED about this so far and i know i'll change it before i'm done -- you know different formats until i find one that fits -- i think the side bar is kind of disjointed -- everything seems to be so far apart.....but i am otherwise pleased -- now to get people to actually find me!!!!