Friday, July 16, 2010

Bella & Rascal

I've been visiting Bella & Rascal this week -- they are fun little dogs :)  its been pretty hot to be outside except early in the morning and later in the evening.  these are pics from this AM :


  1. Those are very cute dogs. They look like they would make perfect friends for me. Paige says that they are the cutest little dogs in the world! And, she likes the Kong bed alot. :-)

    Licks of Love,

  2. Simba -- they are the cutest little dogs :) I took ozzy over this afternoon out of necessity and they were not happy that he came to visit but he doesn't pay any attention to small dogs ever since a pekingese told him who was boss. lol. Bella is a lot of fun to play with -- she chases after toys and brings them back -- i think she would play forever. Rascal sometimes gets in the game just to torment Bella. They are a lot of fun :) thanks for stopping by!!!