Monday, August 30, 2010

dog park!

I gave up on the 365.  i hate being a quitter but i'm just not cut out for that kind of project.  i want to take fun pictures, not have to think about them or come up with something creative because that's how its done.....i'm not creative and not particularly talented but if i have a camera in my hand and the dogs do something all comes together.  so i took them to the dogpark last night -- a homeless man came in with his chihuahua mix -- they didn't stay long but the dogs got to play for a few minutes. i always love to see them running but was so intent on watching them i forgot to the pictures are fuzzy and far away even though i cropped out a lot of the dead space.  


  1. Ozzy and all look like they are having SO much fun... I hope you did too.... I stayed IN today it is way too hot in Minn lately.. we need a break! Hopefully Friay will be a geat cooler day I am going to the Minn State Fair with husband Phil.. we eat our favorite things , check out the animals and come home!

  2. Our state fair ended yesterday -- it was cool and rainy all day so they probably didn't have too much of a turn out -- the prices are just ridiculous any more -- i haven't gone for several years. I think it was more fun at the dog park :)