Friday, October 8, 2010

catching up again on Friday

This has been a jam-packed week!! Besides catching up the transcription....have had lots of pet sitting -- new clients AND repeat clients!!  In addition to the Yankee boys, the ferret boys are back -- started taking care of them yesterday.  Bella and Rascal and their springer sister, Penny, are weekly a lot of the time -- when mom is gone long days, i get to go give the dogs a break.  However, tonight mom is going out of town so I will be seeing Bella and Rascal all weekend!!  and Shadow & Sunny start up again tonight through the weekend.....and monday is a new kitty named Addie.  this is like The Perfect Weekend, except for no sleeping in.  lol.  

The best part of this weekend....tonight is a metal show at Club Underground.  yeah, i know i'm way too old to like metal but since my son is The Best Drummer in Reno, i like to go show support.....however they don't start until 10:45 tonight so i'm definitely going to have to catch a nap before then!!

And then.....a story has unfolded that has involved many people -- all of whom didn't know each other until now....each one has had a part to play in making all of this come together.  All of us are meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss The Plan.  I think i will document this "historic event," take some pictures and share what has happened.  It is a life-changing set of circumstances and truly shows the power a small group of people can have in altering the course of someone's life.

A lot of people may not be interested in knowing about this but to me its pretty amazing.  To the woman around whom this story revolves, it is mind boggling, surreal, and life altering.

And it all came to be because she ran an ad on craigslist looking for a swimming pool for her dog. 

So.....look for this story Saturday Night :)

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