Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its a Heartbreaker.....

I'm having to sell it.  I have to save my house and fix my daughter's car.  It breaks my heart to sell this car :(  I posted on craigslist this AM and had two interested parties -- one should be here soon from sacramento.  I hate to let her go but she deserves a better life.


  1. I a way a car becomes part of the family and so has memories attached so it's understandable that we miss them when they are gone.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! I've always loved collies. Saw a lot of lassie movies when I was a kid!

  3. How sad to have to sell that car. :-( I love the name of this blog: UltiMUTT... so clever!

  4. oh Rob....i had that car since 1982. absolutely my dream car.....its like selling one of my kids or my dogs :(

    itsmebuddy -- lassie is what happened to me as a kid -- always wanted a collie. i love just about every dog i meet but collies are where my heart is :) and mustangs....and

    JD....that's the name of my pet sitting business -- courtesy of a friend of mine who is also responsible for most of the rescue collies i have had over the years -- i asked for suggestions for a business name and that was the overall favorite -- Ultimutt Pet Sitting -- but i'll take care of anything that doesn't eat live food :)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. I'm trying to do better about posting -- and i do know i don't have to post 50 pictures every time but....