Friday, March 11, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

Got some great pet sitting going on!!  My orange kitties are winding down.  Mom will be home soon for a while and then hopefully i will see them again soon:

Keisha behind the couch   
 These bottom three are Lucky, Keisha's brother.  He is a little more social and definitely very photogenic!

These two kitties are my new clients - I believe the black kitty is Capt. Jack though mom and dad told me his sister Piper has shorter hair and green eyes -- and his eyes looked pretty green to me but i'm pretty sure this is not Piper -- i hope mom and dad will confirm so i can correct this post.  The tabby is Frodo.  i love the way he was laying in the bottom photo.  Today was just sort of a get acquainted, keep your distance kind of day.  Hopefully by the time i've been over there a few days, they will actually let me touch them and play with some toys :)


  1. they are beautiful!!!

    good sunday ^____^

  2. Thanks Pupottina -- the cats are all great fun :)