Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday already

What a week!! Just not enough hours in the day and i am failing miserably at posting regularly.....but the pet sitting has been awesome :) 


 Will add more when i get them off the camera -- HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!


  1. Adorable...I envy you your job...four leggers every day!

  2. Hey gang, loved to meet you this morning on the blog hop! You're all beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story today.

    I'm Pet Peeves. I'm dismayed at how people mistreat pets and today I'm participating in the HOWL Heard Around the World. Stop by my blog and leave a comment so that the huskies and sled dogs didn't die in vain.

  3. hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Katnip Lounge -- i love the pet sitting -- and when i'm done i come home to my own herd -- that's the best part of the day -- all the critters!!
    Cherie -- your blog is my next stop -- thanks for stopping by to visit us!
    Pup Fan -- the weekend was pretty busy between the pet sitting and the transcription but i hope today to have time to do anything fun :)
    Thanks everyone for stopping by!!

  5. Ummm... don't look now.... but, um... There SOMETHING IN YOUR BATH!!!!

  6. Freya -- he was stuck in the tub -- i couldn't find him -- he gets in but can't get out -- hahaha -- today was the last day for Al and Oscar -- mom comes home tonight.