Thursday, April 28, 2011

More cats! and stuff

I'm in the thinking stages of a catio for my cats -- but meanwhile, Jack Bunny would be thrilled to know the cats are able to get some use from his former pen.  I have a canvas cover and awning for the ex-pen and Jack used to camp out in the summer time. This was an experiment to see how they would like it. Truck, the maine coon with the lion cut, has lived here since December, 2004, and never stepped on grass before. 

 Demon, the calico, was a rescue.  She was abandoned when her people moved, leaving her behind and pregnant.  Some friends of my son took her in until she weaned the kittens and then she was doomed to go to the pound, so i brought her here and got her spayed.  Except for accidentally escaping once, she hasn't been back outside since she moved in. 

Last night, Dipper was resting peacefully in Cheeto's spot on my desk.  Sahara is still testing the waters around here, putting the fear of recently-spayed, temperamental cat in all of my household.  Dipper held his own last night and she left him alone. 

YOU want ME to move?  hahahahaha

Well, i guess i'll just sit here and contemplate my next move.

This is a picture for the "cats looking out the window" group on facebook:

so are you coming in or are you just going to stand there taking my picture?
This picture i had to snap while driving -- i know, totally unsafe thing to do -- but look closely at the back of that motorcycle and tell me about unsafe practices!!!!
 Last one, I promise!!


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