Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Friday pictures

It has been a busy week -- spring break pet sitting -- and today i got lion cuts on two of my cats -- so here's some random pics i just downloaded off my camera from today and probably yesterday as well.

Truck sporting his new lion cut

sunrise 04-15-11

Nevada sky 04-15-11

Toddie waiting for his dried cherry

Scarlet O'Hara, labradoodle

Kat sporting her new lion cut


  1. I've never seen a lion cut before! I think Bruiser would shred anyone who tried to trim his fur, his claws are talon-like!

  2. AJ, Truck struts his stuff when he is shaved -- he actually looks at himself in the stove door or any shiny surface where he can see his reflection. He is very proud of his cut -- and he really does look cool :)

  3. haha! lion cuts are the greatest! The look so cute! Did you see the picture when Ginger Jasper got one?

  4. i love the lion cut -- he knows he looks good!!! I'm checking out your link right now, Freya. thanks!!