Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flight School

Okay.....no more today after this one.  I took these pictures yesterday -- actually i took 59 pictures of these quail yesterday.  they started out on my patio and i didn't know it until the dogs went out -- they all scurried up to the roof of the doghouse and took off for the neighbor's roof.  I don't know what you call teenage quail....there is a whole mess of them and i'm sure they aren't one family but they were all going to the same place....starting from the roof, flying across the yard to the steps and going through the fence -- it must be like a quail campground back in the other yard.  



  1. I didn't think Quail could fly!

  2. they don't all the time like other birds but they can fly -- i usually just see them go from the ground to the roof or top of a fence when they sense danger. thanks for stopping by, Jet :)

  3. Oh my God... I'm in love! ahahah, look those little birds and your 'hats'!
    So cuttie!!

    And Bonnie,

    because I think you are a fantastic pet sitter and person, I nominated you to the Blog's Day!
    You are linked to.

  4. Neat post. Wow, there are so many of them! I miss seeing quail running around ... we don't have them here in Connecticut (I'm originally from Southern California).

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks Cintia -- they really are cute birds -- you nominated me for Blog's Day???? wow thanks -- i wish i knew what that is -- lol -- i have a hard time with some of this newfangled stuff -- :)

    Thanks Meowmeowmans -- we have tons of quail around this area -- it is so much fun to watch them -- especially in the spring when the babies are around -- thanks for stopping by!