Friday, September 3, 2010

Pet sitting in September

Got a great weekend ahead with pet sitting -- actually will have a little bit of something every day through the end of the month.  Bella and Rascal have a sibling i had never met before named Penny -- i got to go over there a couple of times this week because mom was working long hours and the dogs all needed a little trip outside mid-day.  Bella is the brown doxie, Rascal is the brown and white, and Penny is the springer spaniel.  They are all great dogs and a lot of fun to pet sit!!

 Today i got to start taking care of Scooty and Miss Kitty again also.....but they were feeling a little camera shy so hopefully in the coming week i'll be able to post their pictures.

I also started taking care of Boscoe's family for the weekend. Boscoe got to go camping so i won't get to see him this time. The first kitty is Chocolate.  She is 16 years old. The parrot is Ty. The second kitty is Olive,  who only has three legs, but was rescued by her mom.  and the tortoise is Clack -- i had taken Clack outside to exercise.  you can see it was an exhausting work out!!


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