Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I'm so glad the weekend is here -- i have HIGH hopes of being able to have a little time off to do some outside stuff.  I have pet sitting and lots of transcription -- but there is always hope for time off from typing. Pet sitting is awesome this weekend. I'm covering my friend Tricia's business while she is out of town having a thing called a "vacation."   And i have Boscoe's family again -- i believe Boscoe got to go with his mom again but i have the cats, Chocolate and Olive, the parrot, Ty, and the tortoise, Clack.  

This is Olive.  Chocolate was hiding from me today so i will have to catch her later this weekend as well as Ty.
This is Clack -- she actually had her head out this morning -- unfortunately the camera was upstairs but i had my iPhone in my pocket so caught a little bit of her before she retreated. 

These are three of the kitties that are out at Tricia's.
 They were all sort of giving me the evil eye -- lol. But don't let them fool you -- they actually were very happy to see me!!

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