Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Pet Sitting

This has been a busy pet sitting weekend :) Simon came to stay last night because his people had arranged for a place for him to stay when they got to Reno, but that person flaked on them.  He has sort of attached himself to Ozzy.  The other pictures are random shots of the client pets and the dogs in the yard this AM -- their play time lasted just about 30 seconds when the dog in the yard next door started hitting the fence.  Its probably going to come down with all the dogs hitting it so hard so i had to get the collies back out of the yard and playtime was over. Unfortunately the sun made the shots sort of not too good. 


  1. Hi Nico -- my cats and dogs get along pretty well -- i have a couple of cats that hang out with the dogs. I have noticed other households that have dogs and cats also seem to get along well. Even when dogs come here to visit, my cats seem to take it all in stride!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Rajesh !!