Wednesday, September 8, 2010

uninspired :(

I have been uninspired the past few days.  I had to do a lot of transcription over the three day holiday weekend....didn't allow me to do anything around my house.  And i lost one of my accounts which means about a 20-25% cut in my income.....but that just leaves more time for my animals and pet sitting so that may not be such a bad thing!!! so i'll get back in the swing of things here and get more pictures posted tomorrow!


  1. Ah Bonnie :(

    I hope you get soon another new account, better than that one you lost .. while it not happen, enjoy with your animals and keep doing a good job pet sitting, because you do that very good, you are very able Bonnie! =)


  2. Set backs aren't nice but if you can endure them they make the good times even better. I will look out for the pictures.

  3. Im sorry to hear about the account you lost :( hang in there! we all go through uninspired times.

  4. Thanks everyone for your kindness and support!!! Its taken me a while to get back here today because i have been being domestic -- lol!! cooking and pushing the vacuum around some. its sort of a lost cause in such a hairy household but makes me feel like i've done something.